Another new Cookbook!

A few weekends ago we were in Chicago for my cousin Ryan’s wedding and our nephew Nathan’s 2nd birthday.  I had a proud Auntie moment when playing with Nathan in his play kitchen.  Along with all his fake food  he had a pig beanie baby.  I put the pig in with a pot and pretended to cook it.  Then I put it onto a plate and served it Nathan.  He pretended to eat it and even said “mmm mmm.”  Then later he took a turn cooking in the kitchen and cooked the pig.  I have created a carnivore!!

While in Chicago we visited Eataly, which is now routine on every visit to Chicago.  You can read all about a past visit to Eataly here.  On this latest trip to Eataly I purchased a new cookbook.

The recipe I had tagged was for Sautéed Cucumbers with Spearmint, Cilantro and Lime.  To get started I needed to deseed cucumbers.  Doing so is pretty easy, cut a cucumber in half lengthwise.


Then drag a spoon along the seeds.  Here’s what you a left with…


I then cut the cucumbers into a 1/4 inch dice.


And placed them in a sauté pan which had been heated with olive oil over high heat.  That cooked for 4 minutes, stirring often.


Then sliced green onions and minced fresh ginger were added.  That cooked for a minute.


Then lime juice, lime zest and soy sauce were added.  That cooked for another minute.


The skillet was removed from heat and cilantro and mint leaves were stirred in.


The recipe says to serve it hot as a side dish to a spicy barbequed fish.  The recipe also said it can be refrigerated and served cold.

The Verdict:  Weird.  I tasted it hot and while it wasn’t terrible I probably would not want to eat an entire side portion of it.  I found it was better cold so I served it along side the corn from the previous recipe and the (spoiler alert) sandwich from the next recipe.  But the cucumbers didn’t really wow me so they won’t be made again.