Fun with Tomatillos

I love Mexico.  We vacation there every year with a group of family and friends.  For Christmas I received a new Mexican cookbook so I was eager to start my first recipe from it.

Like my last blog post, the author of this cookbook has restaurant in New York.  Unlike my last post the recipe I had tagged was a lot easier to execute!

The recipe I had tagged was for Roasted Salsa Verde.  To start I put my cast iron skillet on my stove over medium heat.  While that warmed (for 5 minutes) I grabbed a clove of garlic (with the skin still on), 2 Serrano chiles and sliced half of a white onion.  When the skillet was warmed I added the veggies.


I stirred occasionally for 6 minutes then removed the veggies from the skillet and let them cool.


Once cool enough to handle I took the stems off the chiles and discarded.  I peeled the garlic from the skin and put it in my mortar and pestle. (Side note the recipe says to use a molcajete, which is a stone Mexican version of a mortar and pestle.  If you don’t have one the recipe says you can use a blender.)  I added 1 tsp of salt in with the garlic and grinded together.


Meanwhile I broiled tomatillos.  Tomatillos are kind of like a tomato with a husk.  They are green in color and are specific to Mexican cooking.

This is a tomatillo!
This is a tomatillo!

I removed the husks from 3 tomatillos, washed and dried them.  Then I put them on a baking sheet to put in a preheated broiler.

tomatillos without husks on
tomatillos without husks on

I broiled for about 7 minutes when they started getting black spots, turned them over and broiled another 7 minutes before removing from the broiler to cool.


Once cool enough to handle I put the onions, garlic-salt, peppers and tomatillos in my blender.  I blended until all combined.


I poured the contents of the blender into a bowl and stirred in 40 cilantro (yes I counted!).  I found that when buying fresh cilantro (or parsley for that matter) I end up with way more than I need, so to keep it longer I wash and dry the stalks and then put it in a mason jar with a bit of water at the bottom.  I close the jar and keep it in my fridge.  The cilantro (or/and parsley) keep for weeks this way.


Back the recipe I stirred in the 40 cilantro leaves and seasoned with salt to taste.


And I enjoyed my roasted salsa verde.


The Verdict:  Wow this salsa had a kick to it.  It was a shock at first but after a few more bites it became much more edible (maybe I burned off my taste buds?).  But the recipe was super easy and this one will definitely go on the list for things to make when entertaining.