Easy Bread Making

after 6 minutes of kneading

So I wouldn’t typically consider bread making to be easy.  Well to be more precise it’s not technically difficult to make bread and it doesn’t take a lot of ingredients.  But bread making does take time which is probably the biggest reason I don’t make it more often.  This particular weekend Matt and I decided to rent a dumpster to clean out a bunch of stuff in the garage and basement (spring cleaning!!)  We also ran Le Chocolat 10K (see photo below), so needless to say there was a lot going on this weekend, not typically a weekend I would even consider making bread.

But the next recipe, for Crispy Flatbread, from This is Camino cookbook, proved to be a great recipe for bread which can easily be inserted into an already busy weekend.

I started making the dough on Saturday.  I took some warm water and mixed in active yeast and honey.  I set it aside for a few minutes and let it start to bubble.


I then mixed in wheat flour 1/4 cup at time.


I followed by adding in salt and then all purpose flour, also 1/4 cup at a time.  Once all combined it was time to knead.

let's do this!
let’s do this!

I found it funny that the recipe said to set a timer when kneading the bread.  You need to knead for 6 minutes but the recipe said what will feel like 6 minutes of kneading will actually be 2.  Funnily enough I started kneading and when I looked at the clock, after what had felt like a while, had only been 2 minutes!  How does the author know that?!

after 6 minutes of kneading
after 6 minutes of kneading

When I was done kneading I placed the dough in a bowl that I had splashed a bit of olive oil into.  I rolled the dough in the oil to cover all sides, covered in plastic wrap and placed in the fridge until the next day.


On Sunday, after our run, I went back to bread making.  I took the dough out of the fridge.

look how big it got in a day!
look how big it got in a day!

I gave it one quick knead and divided it into smaller balls of dough.  The balls were placed on a lightly oiled baking sheet, covered in plastic wrap and refrigerated for 30 minutes.


When the 30 minutes was up I took one ball of dough at a time and rolled it out to about 1/8 inch thick.


I then took a fork and pricked a few holes into the dough.


Then I placed the dough on an upside down cast iron skillet in the oven which was heated to 500 degrees F.


The dough cooked for about 2-3 minutes until it started to rise a bit and barely brown, then I flipped it over for another minute.


The bread was then removed from the oven, brushed with olive oil and sprinkled with a little sea salt.


I repeated with the rest of balls of dough.


The Verdict:  I am so happy to find a bread recipe that I can easily fit into a busy weekend!  And the bread tasted great as well.  I ended up using them to accompany some egg salad I had made for lunches during the week.  I will definitely be making these again!

look at how nice the bread looks with the egg salad!!
look at how nice the bread looks with the egg salad!!

Click here for the bread recipe

Click here for the egg salad recipe

And finally for those who want to see it, the picture Matt, Maike and I took after our run.


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