Did I really tag a recipe for Okra?

this is okra

Did I really tag a recipe for okra was what I was thinking when I opened the next cookbook in line.  Even though I have never cooked with (or probably ate) okra I couldn’t imagine it being good.  But my friend Al loves okra so perhaps about 6 months ago when I last used this cookbook I was thinking of my friend Al when I tagged this recipe.

The recipe came from the hilarious cookbook Thug Kitchen.

Thug Kitchen is actually a vegan cookbook, which I forgive it for being that, since I actually enjoy the recipes I have tried so far and I enjoy the author’s sense of humor.

The recipe I had tagged was for Bakes Okra and Potato Hash.

To start with…okra.  Okra is kind a strange edible pod.  It’s a bit furry on the outside and is a bit sticky with seeds in the inside.

this is okra
this is okra

To start with I sliced my okra into 1/4 inch slices.  They are a bit sticky so just be prepared for that.  I mixed my okra with olive oil and then once combined well I mixed in cornmeal and salt and pepper.

this is happening...I will be eating okra
this is happening…I will be eating okra

I poured the okra on one side of a baking sheet which I had sprayed with cooking spray.  Using the same bowl I mixed potato slices with onion, oil, paprika and salt.


I poured the potatoes on the other half of the baking sheet and placed in the oven at 425 F.


After 20 minutes I removed the baking sheet from the oven and mixed minced garlic and rosemary into the potato side.  I also stirred the okra side around a bit before putting the sheet back in the oven for another 20 minutes.


I removed from the oven and mixed the okra and potatoes together in a bowl.  I then stirred in some lemon juice and served with hot sauce.


The Verdict:  Not bad!  While I ended up eating this as my dinner I could see this dish really working as a breakfast side (as it’s probably meant to be).  Especially alongside some eggs and breakfast meat (sorry vegan cookbook writers!!).  And I have to say I really like how easy this recipe was, it could really work well when entertaining because there isn’t much active cooking required.  And it’s an unexpected side dish!  My only criticism would be I found the ratio of okra to potatoes a bit heavy on the okra side and I would have preferred more potatoes so I have revised the recipe a bit.

Click for Recipe – Okra Breakfast Hash