Never say Never…

Matt and I are approaching our 2 year anniversary.  We had a very romantic wedding in Las Vegas, just the two of us.  When we came home we had a big celebration at our house.  To keep it “simple” we hired a couple of people to cook hotdogs and hamburgers on demand and had a “bar” set up with over 30 different toppings.  I made a few side dishes and one in particular received a ton of compliments.  I told everyone I was glad they enjoyed it because I was never going to make this dish again.  Because I didn’t have the proper tools and because of the volume I made it took a ton of work.  But never say never because when at my office we had a pot luck I decided I would make this dish once again.


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So what is this mystery dish??  Potato Salad!  At the time I made this I did not own a vegetable peeler, and the volume of salad I made for our party required that I peel 16 pounds of potatoes.  So guess what?  I invested in a vegetable peeler and found the recipe much easier to execute with the proper tools.

skins peeled from potatoes using my new vegetable peeler
skins peeled from potatoes using my new vegetable peeler

Also I have since invested in an egg cooker.  I am not one for buying unnecessary appliances, but my egg cooker is totally awesome and I have deemed it totally necessary.  It’s compact, easy to use, fast, inexpensive and overall awesome.  I recommend this little bad boy to everyone, particularly those who enjoy hard boiled eggs (shout out to my coworker Katie!!)

BTW since I don’t expect many readers to have to make a quantity of this salad large enough to feed 150 people, I have revised my master recipe to make a much more manage size (with 6-8 servings).  You can grab that recipe by clicking the link at the very bottom of this post.

To make the potato salad I first peeled and cubed baking potatoes.  I put them in a pot and covered them with water.  I put the pot on the stove, covered it and set the heat to high.

Terrible photo but exactly what I just described above.
Terrible photo but exactly what I just described above.

When the water began to boil I removed the lid and lowered the heat to medium.  I continued to cook until the potatoes were tender.  Then I drained the potatoes from the water and let the potatoes cool.  I find it’s easy to do this the day before and keep the potatoes overnight in the refrigerator.

I then mixed mayonnaise with sour cream and parsley.

That got stirred into the potatoes.

Then roughly chopped hard boiled eggs,

made all these with my Dash! Buy one!!
made all these with my Dash! Buy one!!


who doesn't love a big pile of bacon??
who doesn’t love a big pile of bacon??

green onions and salt and pepper were mixed into the potatoes.  The salad was refrigerated until served.


The Verdict:  Again, much easier to make with the proper tools.  And while I personally cannot eat the potato salad (no dairy for me), others really enjoyed!

Click here for the recipe.

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  1. This potato salad is one of the best ones I’ve ever had — I loved it two years ago at your party. Glad you decided to make it again!

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