Mini Yummy Breakfast Sandwich

I am a runner…or should I say I try to be a runner.  When I am running regularly it’s awesome, but as soon as I don’t run for a week/week and half it’s an uphill battle to get back into it.  Before making this next recipe, which  coincidently came from a cookbook aimed to cook meals and snacks for athletes, I had just run 5 miles.

The recipe I had tagged, Egg and Chorizo Sandwich, ended up being super simple, so simple I don’t think a formal recipe is actually needed for it.  I started by putting a sauté pan on the stove over medium heat.  To it I added about an ounce to 1 1/2 ounces of chorizo and a few slices of onion.


That cooked for around 5 minutes when the chorizo was cooked through and the onions were soft.


Meanwhile I used my Dash Egg Cooker (BUY ONE if you haven’t already…they are awesome!) to poach an egg.  This was my first time poaching an egg in the egg cooker and it was so EASY!

Also meanwhile I took 2 slices of baguette and brushed them lightly with olive oil.  Then I placed them in a hot skillet and toasted each side.


When all the components were done I assembled my sandwich.  I took one slice of bread and layered with chorizo/onion mixture, the poached egg, a squeeze of lemon juice, 2 basil leaves and the top piece of toast.


The Verdict:  This was one mighty tasty little sandwich.  And with the assistance of Dash Egg Cooker (have I told you to get one yet??) it was super fast and simple to make.  I also like the small size, just a little something after my run!