A Matt favorite dinner

check out these bad boys!

Matt and I had spent a portion of the week in Montreal.  We ate some GREAT food and really noticed the difference between how food and serving are treated in Montreal vs. Windsor.  Food seems to be elevated in Montreal and servers seem to really respect what they do.  Not to say food and service is garbage in Windsor, but when compare you can definitely see a difference.

Back from the trip Matt had a taste for grilled clams, which is one of his favorite things that I make.  We decided to invite over our friends Brad and Jo and make it a party!

We picked up our clams at The Superstore on Walker Road.  I tend to find they have great seafood counter and they especially have a great selection when it comes to shellfish.

check out these bad boys!
check out these bad boys!

Grilled clams are super easy to make.  I first get an oil ready which is tossed with the cooked clams.  To make the oil I put olive oil, red pepper flakes, strips of lemon peel, garlic and salt in a small sauce pan.  I heat over medium heat until the oil starts to sizzle.  Then I remove it from the heat and let it sit until I am ready for it.


Next I heat my bbq and place clam shells directly on the grill grate.  I close the grill and let them cook for 10 minutes.  Then I open the grill, remove any open shells, put the open shells on a serving dish and close the grill.


I check the grill every 3 minutes removing the open shells and putting them on the serving dish, then close the lid, repeating  until all clams have opened.

Then I toss the clams in with the chili-lemon-garlic oil, sprinkle with parsley and serve with crusty bread which is slightly warmed.


The Verdict:  Well Matt and I have had these on several occasions and they are good!  They are also super easy to make when entertaining, typically I make the oil before guests arrive.  Especially Jo liked the clams, which she said she’s never really liked clams before!  Try them out, they are easy and good!  Grab the recipe here.

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