Breakfast for Hangovers?

This year for my birthday, my friend Tash got me a cookbook.  It’s not your typical cookbook, it’s a cookbook geared to be great hangover foods.  I figured I would make my first recipe from the book on a weekend morning after spending the previous night out.

The recipe I had tagged was for Anna and Tommy’s Mexican Breakfast.  I really don’t know who Anna and Tommy are but that didn’t stop me from trying out their breakfast!

To start with I heated some oil in a skillet over medium high heat.  I added chopped onion and cooked until it started to brown.


Then I added a smashed clove of garlic and minced hot peppers and let that cook for another minute.


Chopped Kabasa was added to the skillet and cooked for around 3 minutes.


Then chopped tomatoes were added and heat was reduced to medium low and left to cook for 5 minutes, stirring occasionally.


During this time I fried an egg (poorly I might add, the egg didn’t flip right so it took on an odd shape) and I heated a tortilla.  To assemble I took the tortilla and placed the tomato/sausage mixture in the center of it.  I topped with jarred hot peppers (and was also suppose to top with shredded cheese).


Then I rolled the tortilla up and placed my fried egg on top.

not the nicest looking egg...
not the nicest looking egg…

The Verdict:  Breakfasts like these I don’t feel need formal recipes.  I think anyone can do similar with a variation of ingredients customized to their tastes.  Personally, if I am going to have a breakfast wrapped up in a tortilla I would prefer to eat it with my hands than have to cut it up with a fork and knife.  But all the favors were tasty together.  And if this is a good recipe for a hangover, I don’t know, since I wasn’t hungover.  But I will say if I was hungover I probably wouldn’t want to go through the effort of making this breakfast.