Seasonal Ingredient

So for the first time in when I started this cookbook project I’ve hit a road block.  I open the next cookbook in line and the recipe tagged is for a grilled corn on the cob in husk.  It’s winter in Ontario and while I went to about 5 different stores/markets I was unable to find corn on the cob in the husk.  So what to do?

The grilled corn on the cob recipe is from the cookbook Grilling.


A quick summary of what my blog is about.  My New Years resolution for 2015 was to start using my cookbooks.  I have a ton of cookbooks I have collected over the years but never really touched them.  So I took each book and tagged the first recipe in each book that sounded good, seemed like it would require me to learn something good or just intrigued me.  Then I committed myself to each week make at least one cookbook recipe.  I would go in the order the books were on the shelf and I would not be allowed to skip any if when I opened that book the tagged recipe no longer appealed to me (which has happened a few times).  I found that most weeks I was making more than one cookbook recipe because it was a fun surprise discovering what recipe I had picked months back.  After the recipe was made I would find the next recipe that intrigued me, tag it and put the book back on the shelf until I made my way back to it again.  I started really learning a lot about cooking and really started to gain a passion for it.  I decided to start a blog as a way to document my journey and here we are!

So it was very problematic not being able to find the main ingredient I needed for my next recipe.  I made the executive (sounds official!) decision that in cases like this I would go backwards through the cookbook until I found a recipe that intrigued me.  The original recipe would remain tagged and the hopefully next time I am back to that book the main ingredient is in season (which it should be…I seem to be on a 5-6 month rotation for going though the cycle of every cookbook I own).

So the first recipe I wanted to make going through the cookbook backwards was delmonico steak with anchovy butter.  To start with I made the anchovy butter by mixing softened butter with chopped anchovy fillets, parsley and pepper.


I rolled the butter in foil into a log shape and refrigerated.


Then I seasoned ribeyes with salt and pepper and grilled (I lucked out because the temperature warmed up to over 50!) the steaks 4 minutes each side.  I removed the meat from the grill and let it rest for 5 minutes with 2 slices of the anchovy butter on top of the meat.


We ate our steaks with potatoes and asparagus.


The Verdict:  Kind of a strange taste.  I thought the anchovies would add a saltiness to the butter, which I may have, but it also added a crazy amount of fishy-ness to it too.  I would not make this butter again….next time just grilled ribeyes will be the way to go!