Fish Fry…and mayonnaise woes…

messy but edible!

I CANNOT make mayonnaise.  I have tried several time using various recipes and it NEVER works out.  But I keep trying in the hopes that one day I will be able to master making mayonnaise.

The next recipe was from World Market’s book Seafood and was for deep fried fish in beer batter.


The recipe had a recipe in itself for tarter sauce, and the tarter sauce recipe had a recipe in itself for mayonnaise.  I tried to make the mayonnaise by combining egg yoke, salt and Dijon mustard in my food processor.  Then I slowly added olive oil with the motor still running and then added lemon juice.  The result was not mayonnaise, it was a gross weird liquid which I tasted and tasted super gross…down the drain it went.  So instead to make the tarter sauce I used store bought mayonnaise.

Hellmann's to the rescue!
Hellmann’s to the rescue!

I mixed the mayo with parsley, capers, chives, cornichons (baby gherkin pickles), tabasco, salt and a squeeze of lemon juice.  I set the tarter sauce aside until I was ready to use.


For the fish batter I mixed flour with a bit of salt, made a well in the center and poured in beer and olive oil.


I gently mixed and let the batter sit in the refrigerator overnight (the book recommends at least 1 1/2 hours).


I preheated my deep fryer and Matt cut fillets from whole fish.

I didn't even know Matt knew how to fillet a fish! I have one awesome husband :)
I didn’t even know Matt knew how to fillet a fish! I have one awesome husband 🙂

I took egg whites and whisked them, then added them to the batter, folding the egg whites in.  The batter needed to have a smooth thin constancy so I added a bit more beer to thin out the batter some.


I dipped the fish into the batter and then placed in the deep fryer for 4 minutes, when the batter was golden and crisp.  I did run into a problem with the batter sticking to the bottom of my fry basket though, so getting the fish out was challenging and it all kind of flaked apart in a bit mess.

messy but edible!
messy but edible!

I served the fish with the tarter sauce.

The Verdict:  So despite my fish batter sticking to my fry basket (anyone know of ways to avoid this??)  the fish was super tasty.  The batter was perfection (again other than sticking to the fry basket).  If you want to try this one out you can grab the recipe here.  The tarter sauce was good but I’m not a huge tarter sauce person in the first place and really found it unneeded, the fish was delicious on it’s own!