Crumbly mess pork burgers

Well it’s winter and I am grilling outside!  I was super excited to fire up the grill for this next recipe but my hopes of a great burger were diminished when I realized the elements of the burger were not sticking together.

The cookbook I used was “The Burger.”

I'm ready if you are!
I’m ready if you are!

The recipe tagged was for Pork Burger.

To start with I made a marinade by heating orange marmalade, orange juice and balsamic vinegar until I the marmalade was runny.


Then I placed the marinade over ground pork.  The recipe actually called for use of pork tenderloin cut into small pieces to later be ground.  But since I don’t have a meat grinder I started with ground pork.  So perhaps that could be why this recipe didn’t turn out…


While the pork marinated I got a pot of water boiling in on the stove.  Then I put in roughly chopped parsnips into the boiling water for 15 minutes.


I removed the pork from the marinade, reserving the marinade.  I took the parsnips, drained them and put then in a bowl with the pork.  I smashed the parsnips into the pork and I mixed to combine.

get ready to be smushed parsnips!
get ready to be smushed parsnips!

I then gently stirred in orange rind, garlic, scallions and shredded zucchini.  I seasoned with salt and pepper.


That was to marinade in the refrigerator for at least 30 minutes.  Then patties were formed and I warmed up the grill.  While the grill warmed I took the reserve marinade and put it on the stove in a small pan and brought it to a boil for 5 minutes.  Another failure happened at this point, the marinade was suppose to turn into a glaze but instead it became hard an unuseable.


I brushed the patties with oil and put them on the grill.


Also take note I was grill barefoot in the snow outside…check out the pedicure I had gotten earlier in the day!

those toes should be in the sand not the snow!!
those toes should be in the sand not the snow!!

After 6 minutes I went to flip the burger (as instructed by the recipe).  I flipped 2 burgers and found they were crumbling apart.  So I let the other two cook an additional 6 minutes before flipping.


The extra time really didn’t make much of a difference though because the burgers still crumbled apart when I tried to flip.  Which made a huge mess in my grill.

Oh good, I get to clean this!
Oh good, I get to clean this!

The Verdict:  Well I sampled a bit of a remaining patty and really didn’t care for it.  There was way too much of an orange taste.  I think the ultimate reason these failed is because zucchini is super watery and I think the addition of an egg to bind the burgers together would have created a better result.  But because of the strong orange flavor, where orange flavor doesn’t necessarily go in my opinion.