Smoked chicken and guacamole squares

no fancy three tiered serving platter here!

Square in this case is a fancy way to say sandwich.  Sandwiches were the crust is trimmed off and cut into 2 bite pieces.  The sandwiches I imagine are served on a three tiered serving platter at tea.  Well these are the sandwiches I made next!

The recipe came from the cookbook Fingerfood.

Hopefully they don't mean eating fingers!!
Hopefully they don’t mean eating fingers!!

The recipe tagged was for smoked chicken and guacamole squares.  To start off I made the guacamole.  I mixed avocado, mayonnaise, chilli pepper, lemon juice, tomato and red onion.  I’ve never made a guac recipe which includes mayo but I followed the recipe…


I then took a slice of bread and removed the crusts.  Something I never do because I actually enjoy bread crust, but I did this anyway to get the full fancy effect.  I spread my mayo guac on the bread.


Then topped with several slices of smoked chicken breast.


Then topped with pea sprouts.


Then took the top piece of bread, cut the crust from it, buttered it and placed on top of the pea sprouts.  I cut the bread into squares and ate, on a paper plate, because I was at work.

no fancy three tiered serving platter here!
no fancy three tiered serving platter here!

The Verdict:  Quite simple, I guess I was figuring this would be more complicated to put together than it was.  I also failed to notice the first time I made these (since I had bought all the ingredients I had these for several days for lunch a work) that I was suppose to trim the pea sprouts, not use the whole shoot.  The second time around I used just the top of the shoot and I think the presentation was a bit better.  Also the additional times I made these I did not make the weird mayo guac, instead I just used slices of avocado.  And I ate the sandwich open faced with the pea sprouts touching the avocado and the chicken on top.  Oh and I kept the crust on the bread 🙂

Rosemary's version
Rosemary’s version