Pizza Balls

love the composition of this!

I love appetizers.  I think appetizers allow for a lot of creativity at a small scale.  A lot of times I end up eating an appetizer for a main course and this next recipe I did just that.

The recipe came from the cookbook Stonewall Kitchen Appetizers.


The recipe tagged was for Onion and Bacon Pizzettes.  What’s a pizzette?  Well we are about to find out!

First I cooked bacon reserving 1 tsp of the fat.  I drained and roughly chopped the bacon.


Then I heated the reserved bacon fat with olive oil in a large skillet over low heat.  I added thinly sliced onion and rosemary, seasoned with salt and pepper and cooked for 15 minutes stirring occasionally.

look I'm cooking with Rosemary!!
look I’m cooking with Rosemary!!

Then I mixed the onion/rosemary mixture with the bacon.


I then took some premade pizza dough and rolled it out on a floured surface.

love the composition of this!
love the composition of this!

I took a glass and cut out 24 circles from the dough.

that's a Pabst Blue Ribbon glass
that’s a Pabst Blue Ribbon glass

I placed the circles on a baking sheet.


Then I brushed them with olive oil.


I sprinkled with parmesan.


Then added a tablespoon of the bacon onion rosemary mixture.


I topped with more parmesan.


Then I baked for 15 minutes in 425 degree F oven.


The verdict:  I ate these for lunch and they were kind of bland.  Also the bacon onion rosemary mixture yielded way too much, easily half of it could have been made and it would have been enough.  And these things puffed up like crazy and the topping actually fell off many of them in the baking process.  BUT the next day I made more of these and revised the recipe slightly and had much better results.  If you want to try this one out with the modifications I made to the recipe you can grab it here.