Maike and Rosemary – Cooking for Dummies

Ok Maike and I aren’t dummies but the next cookbook in line is Cooking for Dummies.  The last time I used this book I cooked with Al, you can read about our yummy steak here.  The book is a great reference cook book with lots of good pointers and well as some really yummy recipes.


The recipe that Maike and I made was for Mediterranean Seafood Stew.  To start with we got our ingredients ready.  One of our ingredients was a leek which a lot of people are unfamiliar with how to clean a leek.  Luckily, as I said, Cooking for Dummies is a great reference book and has a diagram on how to clean a leek.  To do so you need to cut the bottom roots off and the top blades where they start to spread out.  Then you cut the remaining leek lengthwise in half.  Under cold running water you rinse each half while separating the the rings of the leek with your fingers.  So that’s how to clean a leek…now onto the recipe.

Maike and Cheetoh reading the recipe
Maike and Cheetoh reading the recipe

We heated oil in large skillet and added our sliced leek.


We then added garlic, waited for that to just become fragrant and we added red bell pepper, cumin and red pepper flakes.


That cooked for around 8 minutes and we added tomatoes, water, white wine and salt and pepper.  We brought that to a boil with the skillet covered.


Once it began to boil we partially removed the lid, reduced the heat slightly and let it simmer for 8 minutes.  Then we added shrimp and scallops and let those cook until the shrimp turned pink, about 5 minutes.


We removed the skillet from the heat and stirred in cilantro.  We served the stew over rice with a warmed roll.


The Verdict:  I am pretty sure this is Maike’s favorite thing we have made together!  And it was good, really good.  Nice bright flavors, beautifully colorful.  And it was easy to execute…all wins!  I am pretty sure Maike is going to make this one for her family once she returns to Germany!  And you don’t necessarily have to use shrimp and scallops, you could easily sub other seafoods.  If you want a bowl of this deliciousness you can grab the recipe here.