Kind of a goodbye brunch to Maike

Maike has been living with Matt’s mom for about 6 months now while on exchange with the Rotary Club which means it’s time for  her to move in with another host family to finish up her year.  Matt’s mom had a bit of a “going away” brunch for Maike and I decided to check the next cookbook to see if it had anything that would be good to bring.


The recipe tagged in the next book, Everyday Chinese, was for Crispy Crab Wontons.  I thought they would make a great dish to bring!

To make the wontons it was actually pretty easy.  I mixed crab meat, chopped water chestnuts, chopped chile pepper, chopped scallion, cornstarch, mirin, soy sauce and lime juice.


I then laid out 24 wonton wrappers and put a spoonful of the crab mixture on the center of each wrapper.


I wet each side of the wonton rectangle and pinched two corners together to form a triangle.


Then I took the remaining two corners and pinched them up to the top.


I repeated this for the remaining 23 wrappers.


To cook, I heated the oil in my deep fryer to 350 degrees F.  I placed several wonton in the oil and fried for a few minutes until they were golden brown.


The wontons were removed and drained on a paper towel before being served.


The Verdict:  These wontons were pretty fast to make despite having to make 24 of them.  They were a great dish to bring but the wontons had a pretty strong crab flavor, almost too much, which loving crab I didn’t know was a thing.  So I probably won’t be making these again without making some big adjustments to the recipe.  Below is a photo Elaine took of everyone at brunch, I hope I continue to see a lot of you before you return to Germany Maike!



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