Hunter’s Birthday!

For Hunter’s 18th birthday we gave him the option of where he wanted to go for dinner.  He said he wanted to eat at home and for me to make the best burger he ever ate again.  I was very excited he wanted me to cook for him rather than go out so I reached to the next cookbook for a side dish to go with the best burger Hunter ever ate.

The next cookbook in line was Easy Tapas and the recipe tagged was that of the picture on the cover, Calamares a la Romana or Fried Squid Roman-Style.


I set up 2 bowls, one with eggs and water beaten together and one with flour and salt.  Then I took a thawed squid ring, dipped it into the egg bowl and then into the flour bowl.

Crazy fast action shot of dipping
Crazy fast action shot of dipping

The coated rings were placed on a plate while the deep fryer warmed up to 380 degrees F.


Then the rings were fried in batches for a few minutes until they started to brown.  They were drained on a paper towel and served with lemon slices.  EASY!


The Verdict:  These squid rings were super easy (well probably wouldn’t have been so easy without a deep fryer) and were quite tasty.  I think Hunter had a pretty good birthday.  If anyone is wondering we got him this awesome “amp” from Etsy.  And if you want to make these you can grab the recipe here.