Easy, Good and Fast!

I really like recipes that are easy and fast.  Of course if they are also tasty I consider the recipe to be the trifecta.  This next recipe was one of those.  It came from a cookbook that I have a had a lot of success with.  The cookbook isn’t as pretty as many of my cookbooks and doesn’t even have any pictures, but the recipes from it that I have made so far have all been great.

The cookbook is called Quick and Easy Stir Fry Cookbook.  The recipe I had tagged was for chilli stir-fried squid.


To start off with I heated oil in my cast iron skillet (btw I was suppose to be using a wok but since I don’t have one I always use my cast iron skillet and it seems to work out).  Once the oil was hot I added garlic, ginger, mild green chilli and hot red chilli.

BTW see that garlic...I forgot to remove it when the cooking was done and Matt accidently ate it. Sorry Matt :(
BTW see that garlic…I forgot to remove it when the cooking was done and Matt accidently ate it. Sorry Matt 🙁

That cooked for a couple of minutes until fragrant.  Then I added green onions and yellow bell pepper.


That cooked for a minute.  Then a cornstarch slurry (cornstarch blended with water), mirin (the recipe called for sherry but I decided to use mirin to give it an Asian twist), soy sauce, oyster sauce and squid rings were added to the skillet.


That cooked for a minute or so and I added pasta to the skillet, gave that a stir and served.  (The recipe said the dish could be served with rice or pasta.)


The Verdict:  Very good, Matt especially liked it even though he ate a clove or garlic.  Normally I think I would serve this over rice but I was in a pasta mood when I made it and it was very good with pasta as well.  If you want to try this one out you can grab the recipe here.