New Year’s Eve Seafood Feast!

sneak peak of what we did for NYE...

For New Year’s Eve Matt and I arrived at the idea of making dinner for 10 friends at our friend Andy’s house.  Andy has a Viking Range (as seen in the background of the photo above) which I might want for my own kitchen when we finally redo it.  So it seemed like the perfect idea to make dinner at Andy’s  house so I could try out the appliance.  As it worked out the next recipe tagged featured a seafood recipe so I decide to include it in the spread I made.  It came from the cookbook Prosciutto by Carla Bardi.

dear prosciutto, I love you. love, rosemary
dear prosciutto,
I love you.
love, rosemary

Buy the book here.

I don’t have too many photos of making this recipe because I was also putting out a lot of other food so sorry.  The recipe was for Squid, Bacon and Bell Pepper Kebabs.  The make them I cut squid tubes into 1″ wide rings.


I cut thick cut bacon into squares.


And cut red bell pepper into 1″ squares.

bell pepper!
bell pepper!

I threaded the squid, bacon and bell pepper on skewers and placed the skewers on a baking sheet.  I then mixed thinly sliced basil, salt, white pepper, lemon zest, lemon juice and olive oil in small bowl.  When it was time to cook I preheated the fancy oven to broil and brushed the skewers with the sauce.  I placed the skewers in the oven and rotated frequently brush with more sauce each time until the squid was done.

WANT this range!!!
WANT this range!!!

When the squid was done I removed from the oven and removed the squid, bacon and pepper from the skewers.  I tossed them with the rest of the sauce and served.

The Verdict:  This was not honestly one of my favorites, I didn’t find it that flavorful, but seafood feasting guests seemed to really enjoy it SO I have written up the recipe for it, here.  All in all though the night was super fun so thanks to Andy for letting me take over his kitchen.  For those wondering the complete menu for the feast was as follows:

66 Malpeque Oysters served with horseradish, tabasco sauce and shallot vinaigrette made by me.

shucking oysters with Andy's dog
shucking oysters with the help Andy’s dog
blurry oyster pic
blurry oyster pic

Thai Shrimp Cakes

Squid, Bacon and Bell Pepper

4 lbs of mussels in a broth with chorizo and kale broth.  Served with toasted garlic basil French bread.

Salad with carrot ginger dressing (made by me)

Thinly sliced thyme potatoes

10 lobsters (boiled by Matt)




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