Lobster Fail


One of the days during our break from work between Christmas and New Years I decided to make breakfast for Matt and I.  My next cookbook cooperated with a breakfast recipe as the next recipe I had tagged.  It came from The Great Lobster Cookbook by Matt Dean Pettit.


Get the book here.

The recipe tagged was for Donny’s Lobster Bacon Hash.  Sounded delish!  I picked up a cooked lobster at my local fish market and got to work!


I multitasked by cooking some chopped bacon and parboiling some cubed potatoes.

Make sure to have your morning coffee before multitasking!
Make sure to have your morning coffee before multitasking!

When the bacon was crisp I used a slotted spoon to remove it, letting it drain on a paper towel but reserving the bacon grease in the skillet.


I drained the potatoes after parboiling for 7 minutes and then put them in the skillet with the reserved bacon grease.


I cooked for 5 minutes and then added onions, fennel and garlic to the skillet.


When the onions were softened I added chicken stock to deglaze the pan, then added the meat from the lobster and cooked until it was heated through.


I then added paprika, salt and pepper, gave it a final stir and placed it into serving bowls.  The hash was topped with bacon and matchsticked apple.

looks pretty good...but how does it taste?
looks pretty good…but how does it taste?

The Verdict:  Mushy mess of a breakfast.  I think adding the chicken stock made the potatoes really soft and mushy.  The texture was not enjoyable.  Also the lobster got lost and when I buy lobster I want to taste it.  So far I am striking out with this cookbook…my previous recipe for Lobster Eggs Benedict also was not a favorite….hopefully the next time I use this book it produces better results!

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