My favorite cooking companion is back!

Sorry Al, Maike has replaced you in becoming my favorite person to cook with.  With Matt traveling again Maike came over to keep me company and hopefully learn another great meal to impress  her family with when she returns to Germany.  I gave Maike a heads up prior to her coming over as to what we would be making.  I told her the recipe comes from my Peruvian cookbook, which immediately excited her because she has an exchange sister from Peru!  The cookbook is called Ceviche….


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The recipe was for Jalea, or fried seafood.  Before Maike arrived I made the sauce, a mayonnaise sauce, by mixing mayonnaise, chili paste, garlic and lime juice.  I will note that the recipe called for rocoto chili paste.  I was unable to located rocoto chili and in my research of the pepper found it’s specific to Peru.  So I subbed for a more general chili paste I had in my fridge.

sauce done!
sauce done!

When Maike arrived we made salsa.  In the recipe the salsa is used to accompany the fish.  The salsa is called salsa criolla.  To make it we sliced a red onion thin and let it set in ice water for 10 minutes.  While the ten minutes ticked by we sliced tomato, sliced pepper (again I was suppose to use rocoto pepper but subbed for another pepper instead) and chopped cilantro.

Here's Maike slicing the tomato
Here’s Maike slicing the tomato

When the ten minutes expired we drained the onion and then in a bowl mixed the onion with the tomato, pepper and cilantro.  We then mixed in a bit of lime juice and olive oil and seasoned with salt and pepper.

very vibrant
very vibrant

With the sauce and salsa done it was now time to work on the seafood.  Maike mixed corn flour, cumin, red pepper flakes and paprika in a bowl.

can you see the heart that Maike put into the flour mixture?
can you see the heart that Maike put into the flour mixture?

I sliced white fish and squid into strips.  Then put them on a plate with shrimp.  We squeezed a lime over the fish and seasoned with salt and pepper.

Action shot of lime being squeezed
Action shot of lime being squeezed

Then we mixed the seafood in the bowl with the flour lightly.


We heated vegetable oil in my deep fryer and once it was ready we put the seafood into the fryer.


The seafood cooked for around 2 minutes until it was golden brown.


We drained the seafood on a paper towel and served it with lime wedges, the sauce and the salsa.


The Verdict: YUM!!!!!!!  Maike and I both ended up eating too much because it was so darn good.  I do have to say I think the salsa was unnecessary and of all the seafood we both found the fish to be most delicious.  So I have modified the original recipe just to make the fish and sauce.  You can grab it here.

4 thoughts on “My favorite cooking companion is back!

  1. It looks so delicious!!
    And I am happy that you, dear Rosemary, teach Maike so good in cooking. It will be amazing when she cooks here in Germany for us!! Have a good time!!

    1. Hi Claudia!
      I am excited for Maike to cook for you too when she goes back to Germany but I am also very sad for her to leave. She is a very smart, caring, thoughtful person. But will make the most of her time left in Canada 🙂

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