Steak Sandwich and Pickled Carrot Slaw

I will start out by saying that this next recipe had a lot to live up to.  It came from the cookbook Street Food Diaries which last time I made a recipe from the cookbook Hunter proclaimed it was the best burger he ever ate (you can read all about it here).

This time recipe tagged was Sweet ‘n Sour Beef Steak Sandwiches.  Like the best burger Hunter ever ate recipe, this recipe also had several elements.  First I had to make the marinade for the meat.

I took ginger, peeled it and cut it into chunks, then zipped it in my food processor.  If anyone is looking for a super easy way to peel ginger use a spoon, just scrape the spoon over the skin and it comes off easily without taking much of the ginger itself.

easy ginger peeling
easy ginger peeling

I added the ginger with soy sauce, ginger beer, honey and lemon juice.


I mixed that all together and added thinly sliced pieces of ribeye.  To cut it thin I put the ribeye in the freezer for around a half hour.

get marinated!
get marinated!

I put the marinating meat in the fridge overnight and then started to make the slaw.  For the slaw I cut carrots and radishes into matchstick pieces.  You can use a mandolin to do this if you have one.  Then I sliced a jalapeno into thin slices and added it to the carrots and radish.  I added a bit of salt and mixed.


Then I filled half of the container with rice wine vinegar and the other half with water.


I covered the container and let it refrigerate overnight as well.

Then next day I drained the liquid from the veggies.


Then I mixed in sesame oil, cilantro and bit of salt.  The slaw was now ready.


Things started to go weird when it came to make the meat.  The recipe called for heating oil in large cast iron skillet with chopped garlic.  Then adding the meat and marinade to the skillet to let the meat sear.  Since I could tell there was far too much liquid to allow for searing I removed the meat from the marinade, seared the meat slightly and then added the marinade to the skillet.

that's lot of marinade!
that’s lot of marinade!

Then following the recipe I added a cup of ketchup and 2 cups of soy sauce to the skillet.  I am not sure what was suppose to happen but it filled my skillet and started to bubble over.


I decided it must be done so I fished out the meat and placed them on buns and topped with the slaw.


The Verdict: The sandwiches were quite tasty with a nice ginger flavor.  But because of the craziness of the marinade, I felt like I wasted so much liquid, this one is not one I will make again.