Oui Oui…100% Possible and a French Feast

let's eat

Sunday was a fun day (get it??)  We spend the day with friends and I made a recipe from the cookbook French Feasts, grab your own by clicking the link below.  It’s a beautiful cookbook and with Christmas coming (we are in December already!!) it is sure to make a great gift.

The day started with breakfast and then a super cold walk along the river marching for climate solutions and justice.

so cold but for a great cause!
so cold but here for a great reason!

After the walk we warmed up by sharing a bottle of champagne and having a “French Feast.”  The recipe I had tagged was for Onglet or Hanger Steak.  I looked and looked for hanger steak but sadly I was unable to source it, so I bought the closest substitute I could find, flank steak.

The recipe came together super easy and so easy I don’t think it’s necessary to actually follow a recipe for this one.  I melted a tablespoon of butter and olive oil in my large cast iron skillet over high heat.  Then I added my flank steak and let it sear for a few minutes.

no hanger steak :(
no hanger steak 🙁

I flipped the steaks and let them sear on the other side for several minutes before removing them from the skillet and place them on a plate and covering them to keep them warm.

right before being covered
right before being covered

I then added thinly slices shallots and mushrooms to the skillet.


I let them sauté for a minute before adding 1/2 cup of dry white wine.  I deglazed the skillet by scraping the brown bits left from the steak and let the wine simmer until it evaporated.  I added chopped parsley and salt and pepper along with the juices from the resting meat.  I stirred it all together and then placed the contents of the skillet over the meat and served.

let's eat
let’s eat

The Verdict:  This was so fast and easy (which I like).  It wasn’t overly flavorful but it was tasty for what it was.  I did add Maldon Salt to the sliced meat and I highly recommend using a finishing salt such as Maldon for your steak.  You can grab some by clicking the link below.