More cooking with Maike – Salmon Taco edition

With Matt traveling I decided to invite Maike over for dinner so she could learn to cook another dish to impress her family with when she goes home to Germany.  Luckily for us the recipe ended up being a far easier recipe to follow than the last time we cooked together.  It came from the cookbook Good Food Fast.

The recipe tagged was for Roasted Salmon, Avocado and Lime Tacos.  Immediately Maike said it sounded good.  So we got to work cooking.

We diced avocado and red bell pepper and put them into a bowl with olive oil, lime juice, chopped cilantro and a bit of salt and pepper.  Maike mixed gently and the “salsa” was done.


I heated olive oil in a skillet over medium heat and added salmon which had been seasoned with salt and pepper.  The salmon cooked for about 5 minutes and then flipped for another 3 minutes.

3 minutes left at this point
3 minutes left at this point

Once done the salmon was removed from the skillet and let rest.  Tortillas were added to the skillet one at a time and heat a couple of minutes each side.  Once rested the salmon was flaked apart into large pieces.


Then it was time to assemble.  We took one tortilla, topped it with some shredded iceberg lettuce, then some of the avocado salsa and then some of the salmon.  The tacos were garnished with a lime wedge and cilantro.


Verdict:  These were GREAT!!!  So good that Maike took a photo of the recipe in the cookbook so she could make them again.  I love fast, easy, healthy recipes for weeknights and this one was all those things…and then some.  Highly recommended!  Grab the recipe here.