Sometimes cheese doesn’t make things better.


The next recipe comes from fellow Windsorite Rino Bortolin’s cookbook: Rino’s Kitchen – Cooking Local in Windsor & Essex County.  The last time I used this book my friend Jen was really happy (which is sarcastic) that I made asparagus and put up a whole post discussing it.  (you can read about it here.)  For this time using Rino’s cookbook I had tagged the recipe for Linguine in oil and garlic with fresh ricotta and pancetta.


Since cannot have cheese I used 2 skillet pans to make 2 versions of this pasta, one with the ricotta and one without.  To start off with I boiled water and cooked fresh linguine per the package instructions.  While that was happening I heated olive oil in a skillet (or actually 2 skillets) over medium high heat.  Then I added chopped pancetta, garlic and red chili flakes.

skillet 1 of 2...
skillet 1 of 2…

Once the garlic was just starting to turn brown I removed the skillet from heat and added the ricotta.


Then once the pasta was done I drained it and added it to the skillet along with parsley, salt and pepper and tossed it all together while the skillet was on low heat.


I served the pasta with some olive bread and gave Matt the pasta with ricotta and myself ate pasta made the same way except without ricotta.


The Verdict:  I LOVED how fast this recipe came together…I am talking under 15 minutes.  We both had leftovers so the next day Matt ate the cheeseless leftovers for lunch.  He said it was much better without the cheese, so for that reason when I wrote up the recipe for anyone who want to make this one, I did not include the cheese.