Poached Veggies with Sweet Sesame Dressing

Well this one was kind of a failure, on a couple of levels, but not necessarily the fault of the cookbook I used, Plenty.  Plenty is a vegetarian cookbook, and if you are into that sort of thing you will be happy to know a second cookbook, Plenty More, was recently released.

The last time I used this cookbook I did my shopping for ingredients at Eataly in Chicago, read about it here.  Perhaps if I was able to do my shopping there again this time, I would have avoided the first failure…not being able to find broccolini.  I went to several stores in two different countries (US and Canada) in search of broccolini but was unable to locate it.  Does anyone know, is broccolini just unavailable this time of year??

So anyway…back to the recipe.  I made the sweet sesame dressing by combining tahini, water, garlic, tamari, honey, apple cider vinegar, mirin and a pinch of salt in my food processor.  The dressing was done!


Next I poached green beans in boiling water for 3 minutes.  I removed the green beans from the pot (keeping the water in the pot) and let the green beans rinse under cold water in a strainer.  I then added pea pods to the boiling water and them poach for 2 minutes.  After 2 minutes I removed them from the water (still keeping the water in the pot) and let them rinse under colder water.  Last I added celery (in place of my unable to find broccolini!) to the pot.  I let it poach for 2 minutes and then removed it from the pot and let it rinse under cold water.

Now you will notice I have no photos of poaching, that’s because I completely forgot to take ANY in progress photos…sorry readers!

After my poaching was done I dried the veggies using paper towels and placed them in a bowl.  I was suppose to mix them with peanut oil but third failure, I completely skipped this step…oops.  I then stirred with cilantro and sesame seeds (and was suppose to also stir with nigella seeds but couldn’t find those anywhere….)  and then topped with the dressing and served.


The verdict: Despite my lack of being able to find some ingredients and forgetting to mix with oil I actually think this turned out pretty good.  The celery seemed to work well with the dressing so it seemed be a good substitution.  Also it tasted really good not being mixed with oil so I am not sure it really needed the oil.  Hopefully next time I use this book I will have better luck with the ingredients!!