Breakfast – Better than McDonald’s


Next up I revisited the cookbook 200 Best Panini Recipes by Tiffany Collins.  Last time around I made a breakfast sandwich (read about it here) and coincidentally the next tagged recipe was also for a breakfast sandwich!

The recipe tagged was for Breakfast on the go Panini.  This particular morning Matt had to go into the office and I was making stocks (so basically I was stuck at home for hours) so I invited Tash over to hang out with me.  Technically I enticed her over with offering her wine but when she said she hadn’t eaten breakfast yet I told her that was even more perfect because I had this recipe which was next in the queue!

I turned on my Panini press and also melted some butter in a skillet.  When the press was hot I put 4 slices of Canadian bacon onto it and shut the top.  That cooked for about 2 minutes and was removed and set aside.  When the butter in the skillet was melted I added 2 eggs and sprinkled with salt and pepper.  When the whites were set I flipped the eggs and cooked until the yolks were to our liking.


It was now time to build the sandwich!  I took an English muffin and brushed both of the exterior surfaces of it with melted butter.  Then I placed the bottom of the muffin on the press and layered the Canadian bacon….


the egg, cheese, and the top of the muffin.


I closed the press, let it cook for 4 minutes and then it was ready to eat!


The Verdict:  Wow, REALLY tasty!  And pretty fast as well!!  It reminded me a lot of McDonald’s Egg McMuffin except it was tastier (and I am sure better for you)!  It was so tasty and easy I actually made it again the next morning for breakfast.  The second time around I also added some spinach to it (since I had spinach in the fridge).  This recipe you can really use your imagination and customize to your tastes!  You can see the full recipe here.

Also so far I have to say I really like this cookbook so if you have a Panini maker you might want to check this one out!