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Baking, my favorite…which is meant to be sarcastic.  I am not a baker, as seen in the post from the last time I used this cookbook, Home Cooking’s Baking & Desserts.  But since I have the cookbook I will bake anyway – at least the tagged recipe.

Not on Amazon :(
Not on Amazon 🙁

I had tagged the recipe for Paper-Thin Fruit Pies.  Since had out of town visitors for the weekend I figured even though it was more of a dessert recipe, it would make a great breakfast to serve our visitors – my mom and Aunt Lorrie.

To start off with I preheated the oven to 400 degrees F.  Then I peeled, cored and thinly sliced an apple and a pear.  Remember my Wusthof knives?  Well while coring the apple I stabbed myself which made me dislike baking even more!!  Anyway after slicing I tossed the apple and pear together with lemon juice.


Then I took 4 4″ tart pans and brushed them with melted butter.  I then took a piece of phyllo pastry and cut it into 4 squares.  I brushed each square with melted butter.


I took 1 square and pushed it into a tart pan.  Then took the next square and laid it over the first square at a slightly different angle.  I did this for the 2 remaining squares.


And then I repeated with 3 more sheets of phyllo pastry for the 3 remaining tart pans.


I then put the sliced fruit into each tart and brushed the top with a mixture of apricot jam and orange juice.  I crimped the edges of the phyllo and placed in the oven for about 12 minutes.


I removed them from the oven when they started to brown and served everyone a cute mini pie!

Verdict:  Super easy and pretty quick to make too.  I might actually make this one again!  And you can mix up the pie filling too depending on what fruit is in season or to your tastes!  You can grab the full recipe here.



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