Time to Eat!!

For dinner this particular night I decided to tackle 2 cookbook recipes.  The first cookbook for the evening was World Market’s Seafood.  World Market is one of Matt’s and my favorite stores to visit when visiting family in suburban Chicago.  There are several locations throughout the states and one happens to be VERY close to my brother’s house so always visit World Market when visiting during Christmas.  They have a lot of fun kitchen and specialty food items and they have a small selections of their own cookbooks.


Matt was returning from a trip and would be home in time for a late dinner.  Which really worked out because the recipe tagged was for ceviche and it needed 3 hours to “cure.”  So I was able to start the preparation after I got home from work and then it was finished when Matt arrived.

To start off with I took a grouper fillet and sliced it really thin.


Then I squeezed lime juice over the fish.  I used one of my favorite kitchen tools which I have mentioned before but it’s worth mentioning again – my juicer!  It’s awesome and I totally recommend one to anyone!  If you want one they have them on Amazon!

I bought the "lemon" juicer but use it to also juice my limes.
I bought the “lemon” juicer but use it to also juice my limes.

And then I scattered thinly sliced chili pepper, cilantro and finishing salt (I use Maldon Salt) over the fish.  The bowl was covered and placed in the refrigerator for 3 hours.  (During that time I gave it stir once though).

Raw fish right now but won't be in 3 hours!!
Raw fish right now but won’t be in 3 hours!!

When it became closer to Matt’s arrival I mixed carrot, cucumber, red onion, deseeded roma tomato and romaine lettuce – all thinly sliced in a bowl with avocado oil.


Then I mixed the contents of the two bowls together and created….CEVICHE!

Time to Eat!!
Time to Eat!!

The Verdict:  I really liked the ceviche as a lighter bright dinner option.  (We ate it basically like a salad).  You would have to plan a bit if you were making this for dinner (3 hours is a long time to wait around) but it’s nice that the process of making the ceviche isn’t complicated and very simple.  If you want to make this one yourself you can get the recipe here.