Totally normal to clean squid while being in the pool

For my handsome husband Matt’s birthday we invited over our collection of friends for a day of swimming and eating.  I decided to tackle 4 cookbook recipes in one day!  The first cookbook recipe came from “The Food of Vietnam” by Luke Nguyen.

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[/span4][span8] The recipe tagged was for Charfrilled Phu Quoc (Salt & Chile Squid). To get the squid I went to seafood market in Windsor, Mediterranean Seafood. It was my first time shopping at Mediterranean Seafood and I was really impressed with how much seafood they could fit into their tiny little market. Everything really fresh and yummy…I will be going back…lots!
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I bought several squid which needed to be skinned and gutted.  I had never done this before but the birthday boy had so he showed me how…while swimming in the pool.  You can watch Matt skin and gut the squid in this high speed video!

[hr] After Matt skinned and gutted I took the squid and rinsed them then cut them lengthwise. 

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[/span4][span8] I put the squid skin side (or I guess the side the skin was attached to) up on my cutting board and scored a crisscross pattern onto them. Then I mixed sliced chile peppers and salt and spread that over both sides of all the squid. Onto the barbeque they went for 3 minutes each side.
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[/span4][span8] I removed the squid from the grill and cut them into bite size pieces. I made a sauce by mixing lemon juice, salt and white pepper. Then I served the squid to the hungry pool swimmers.
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Verdict: GREAT first dish for Matt’s birthday!  Really light and yummy and fresh tasting.  I think it was enjoyed by all (it didn’t last long).  Once the squid was cleaned it came together super fast too!  Want to make it for yourself?  You can grab the recipe here.  And check back in a few days to find out what else was served for Matt’s birthday party!

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