And the birthday continues – Shrimp Toasts

you're served!

Matt’s birthday continues on with Shrimp Toasts.  The recipe came from “Everyday Chinese”  by Paragon Books.


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love my mini deep fryer!
love my mini deep fryer!
[/span4][span8] Shrimp Toasts are made by smashing shrimp into a paste with a mortar and pestle then mixing with an egg white, cornstarch, sugar, salt and finely chopped cilantro. That is scooped onto day old white bread (which has been cut into 8 triangular pieces and brushed with an egg white and cornstarch). Each piece is fried a few minutes until golden brown.
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you're served!
you’re served!
[/span4][span8] And then they are drained on a paper towel and served.
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Verdict:  This was a pretty fancy dish!  Even though my toasts didn’t look as graceful as the picture in the cookbook they were still pretty impressive (I thought – party guests please chime in) and they tasted great.  I will make this one again…and you can grab the recipe here.