Sizzling Summer Ribs

The summer heat has finally arrived, enough to have our AC on and our friends not so casually asking to come over and use the pool (Al).  “The Slanted Door” by Charles Phan is a Vietnamese cookbook and the next in line for the project.  This is one of those cookbooks that tells stories along with giving recipes.  Charles Phan talks throughout the book about his restaurant.  Some tales are funny like the night a very drunk chef that had been fired from nearby restaurant showed up and went in the kitchen.  When Charles asked the actual chefs cooking who the man (still dressed in full chef gear) was they told him they had no idea and figured he was just a drunk friend of his.  Charles and the bus boy had to literally drag the man out of the restaurant!  Other stories are heartwarming, like the Thanksgiving that Charles decided to invite the homeless to his restaurant for Thanksgiving dinner.

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[/span4][span8] I never really had Vietnamese food until coming to Windsor. Matt and I use to go to a really yummy Vietnamese restaurant called Bac Lieu which was on Wyandotte in Windsor. Sadly one day we went there and the restaurant was closed. We were heartbroken! Since then we started to go to a new Vietnamese restaurant, Saigon House. Saigon House is also really tasty – wonton soup and fresh rolls is always a must when we go there!
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big ribs!
big ribs!
[/span4][span8] The recipe for this day was for Barbecued Pork Ribs. To start with you need 3 lbs of pork ribs. They need to marinade for 2 hours at room temperature in thinly sliced lemongrass, chopped shallots, thinly sliced Thai chiles, sugar, fish sauce and canola oil.
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slow cookin'
slow cookin’
[/span4][span8] The recipe calls for cooking over coals but since I have a gas BBQ I made due. The ribs cook over indirect heat. I have 3 burners on my grill so I lit the far left side and let the BBQ heat up. Once it was hot I seared each side of the ribs over the lit burner for a few minutes. Then I moved the ribs to the other side of the BBQ (which no lit burner) and that cooked for a hour and half.
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I removed the ribs from the grill and let them rest for 15 minutes before slicing and serving.

The Verdict:  The ribs were a hit, everyone seemed to enjoy.  They were huge (and there were a lot of them) so you really need a bunch of friends over to help you eat them.  I liked how little effort they took and that I could spend more time with my guests than in the kitchen/ in front of the grill.

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Ivan's dessert spread
Ivan’s dessert spread

After consuming the ribs, dessert, compliments of Ivan, was served.

And after consuming the dessert we all went on a vintage bike ride along the river. What a fun night! If you want to try out these ribs you can grab the recipe here.