Ooh la la – Cooking with Al

It wasn't fancy enough for Al so he added some herbs from our garden.

Saturday was an impromptu gathering at our house.  After a few weeks of a break from it, Matt was back at working on the fence lining the inside.  Since it was a nice day we invited over friends and I made the next cookbook recipe – bavette aux echalotes grillees or flank steak with grilled shallots for all the non French speakers. 
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[/span4][span8] The recipe came from the cookbook French Feasts by Stephane Reynaud.
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Minutes earlier we were in the pool...hence the bathing suits.
Minutes earlier we were in the pool…hence the bathing suits.
[/span4][span8] I was lucky enough to have Al join me in the kitchen.
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[/span4][span8] We heated a large skillet and put 6 oz portions of flank steak in the hot skillet and seared each side of the meat. (The recipe was very vague, even Al can testify to that, and while it didn’t say so I added a tiny bit of oil to the skillet).
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LOTS of shallots!
LOTS of shallots!
[/span4][span8] Once both sides were seared we added 8 thinly slices shallots (the recipe actually called for 12 shallots but that seemed like a crazy number of shallots to me so I reduced to 8 – which was still more than enough). 1 1/2 TB of white wine was added (which wasn’t enough so we added more) along with some butter and salt and pepper.
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The meat was topped with the shallots and as called for in the recipe we served with thick cut French fries.


The Verdict:  Holy Shallots!!  Not sure why there were SO many, 4 would have been plenty…but the recipe called for 12!  Maybe shallots are smaller in France than they are in Canada?  The flank steak was perfectly rare and was tasty.  It was enjoyed but this won’t be one I make again.  There just seemed to be nothing special to it.  Also as I stated above the recipe was very vague and I think it’s intended to be followed loosely…so things like adding oil to the pan or seasoning the meat are things the cookbook figures you will do anyway.

The highlight of dinner by far was this nice dance Matt did in the new ceramic pots I bought for the backyard. Enjoy!