Fast Stir-Fry

The stir-fry is almost as good looking as Rocco.

The project continues with the cookbook Rocco’s Real Life Recipes – Fast Flavor for Every Day by Rocco DiSpirito.  Rocco DiSpirito is celebrity chef and also a cutie.  He is know for his Italian/American cuisine and he is all about healthy cooking.

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[/span4][span8] I chose the recipe for Beef and Snow Pea Quick-Fry. One of the premises I took from the cookbook was it is meant aid in cooking healthy meals in a short amount of time, perfect for crazy weeknights! Also as far as this recipe goes it seemed great for a beginner cook, there really was no multitasking required which is kind of unusual when putting a whole meal together!
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To start off with I boiled some chicken broth and added Minute Rice.  (Minute Rice is a product I don’t normally use but since the recipe was aimed to make an easy fast meal I decided to use the exact ingredients in the recipe.)  Once the rice was added I covered the pot and removed it from the heat.

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From the store to the skillet - no prep!
From the store to the skillet – no prep!
[/span4][span8] Next I heated some oil in a large skillet over high heat. I added some stir fry beef (again a shortcut from the ingredients so I specifically purchased precut “stir fry beef”).
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The stir-fry is almost as good looking as Rocco.
The stir-fry is almost as good looking as Rocco.
[/span4][span8] I added salt and pepper and cooked the meat for a few minutes until the sides were browned. Next I added snow peas to the skillet, stirred and cooked for a minute. Then added Chinese five spice, mixed that and then added honey and chicken broth. That cooked for a few minutes and I removed it from heat. I then went back to the rice, I removed the lid, fluffed it with a fork and divided it into bowls. I topped the rice with the stir-fry and topped that with chopped mint and a squeeze of a lime.
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Matt and I ate the stir-fry on the deck and enjoyed the nice weather!  As far as my verdict…I liked the dish but it wasn’t really that flavorful (but I wouldn’t call it bland either…)  I really appreciate the quickness of the dish and how easy it was to make.  It is a great healthy option for busy weeknights!