Another Bittman Soup?!

I continued the project with my second Mark Bittman cookbook, How to Cook Everything – you can read about my attempt of making a soup recipe from my other Mark Bittman cookbook here.  As it happens I also no longer have the book jacket for this Mark Bittman cookbook either and also as it happens the recipe I had chosen is another a soup recipe.

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[/span4][span8] I have to say I find this cookbook on a whole to be a good source. It has a LOT information in it. This particular night my friend Natasha asked me if I had any recipes for dandelion. I checked the index of the book and found that not only did the book have a dandelion recipe, it also had information about dandelion – availability, cost, storage, uses and preparation. I’m pretty impressed Bittman!
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I am going to take this time to apologize in advance…prior to making this soup I had gotten home from work and immediately found myself in my pool with a beer in my hand.  When it came time to make dinner I may or may not have been a bit tipsy and I kind of forgot to take photos of the process…oops!

So – second Bittman cookbook, second Bittman soup recipe.  This soup recipe is a Greek soup described as more of a stew than a soup and a diner standard.  It’s called Avgolemono or Egg Lemon Soup.

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[/span4][span8] Too start off with I took 6 cups of chicken stock and brought it to a boil. Once boiling I reduced the heat to medium and added orzo, carrot and celery to the pot. That cooked for 20 minutes. I then seasoned the soup with salt and pepper and added 2 cups of already cooked shredded chicken then reduced the heat to low. Now this is where it got advanced – I blended 2 eggs (in a blender) for 10 seconds, added fresh lemon juice, blended another 10 seconds THEN with the blender still running I slowly added 2 cups of the stock from the pot into the blender. Once all the stock was added I turned off the blender and dumped the contents of the blender back into the pot. I let that heat through for a few minutes – it’s important to note the recipe clearly states not to let the soup boil…then I served with fresh dill on top.
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The Verdict: DELICIOUS!!!  Way to go Bittman!  The soup was very flavorful, filling and yummy!  The process of blending the eggs/lemon juice/stock created a very voluminous soup.  The soup was creamy despite having no dairy.  I will be making this again and if you want to make it you can download the recipe here

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